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The basic principle of PPC – Pay Per Click – campaigns are, the search engine shows your advert on the first page of a result, and you pay if the user clicks, explains John Mead from iMoneyBuzz. Google is the biggest engine of all, and the price can vary quite considerably depending on the keywords being targeted: Keywords with big competition can be over 100 dollars per click; others can be a few cents. Of course, there are other search engines running similar programs, but Google is the number one worldwide.

Why opt for PPC?

Even the ‘big boys’ have PPC campaigns running, so why shouldn’t you? And that is the point. Gaining ranks organically can be a slow process, especially when the competition is high, and you are the new kid on the block. PPC gives new businesses a way of getting on those all-important first page results. However, if you do not make the right choices with regards to the keywords you are targeting, the results will not be particularly fruitful. Either no clicks or money for nothing because you are not targeting the right audience.

Hitting the Right Targets

Google has a research tool that allows advertisers to view who searches what how many times a month. This can be a time-consuming task, but it is essential if you want to make the most of your budget. Indeed, it is important to consistently revise your selections to refine your campaign. For start-up companies finding those relevant but low-cost keywords are like finding gold nuggets in a stream – And this is the goal for the most part. However, it pays to remember, if you pay $2 for a click and that click results in a $100 sale, most will consider that a good investment.

Three Important Points for an Effective Campaign

1 – Relevancy

The keywords you choose need to be relevant to what you are offering. Absolutely no point simply driving traffic from ‘anywhere’ and hoping they might be interested! It is not just traffic you need. It is results.

2 – Asses the Competition

Depending on your niche, the most popular search terms (most popular keywords) can be a little pricey for upstart companies. Longer search terms (more than three words) tend to less competitive, although less searched. However, they can be extremely economical and effective.

3 – Updating

Google has clear data allowing you to see which terms are getting clicks and what that click cost. It is important to consistently refine your selections to make the most of your budget as well as adapt to market movement.

Get your PPC campaign right, and your online marketing campaign will almost certainly be successful, and your budget well spent!