What is SubPay?

Working in conjunction with SubFinder, SubPay automatically calculates substitute gross wages based on your specific pay schedules. Our pay profiles reflect your unique pay structures including hourly rates, quarter-day incremental rates, half or full day rates, or custom time unit rates. SubPay’s refined time unit breakdown ensures that you are able to pay your substitutes for actual time worked instead of rounding time up to the next hour.

SubPay allows you to calculate and manage incentive pay, retroactive pay, long-term pay, and assign up to ten budget codes to one job using its split-funding feature.

  • Automatically calculates and manages the complex payroll processes necessary to properly compensate your substitutes and guest teachers.
  • Gives you the power to offer advanced pay incentives without the effort and hassle of extra paperwork.
  • Extends your payroll options and saves you hundreds of hours of manual calculation tasks.
  • Helps you attract and maintain the best substitute workers.

Manage Pay

Create pay-rate “escalators” and incentive pay programs, manage travel pay, track long-term pay, and account for lunchtimes and break periods. You can even adjust pay depending on classified or certified status.

Save Time & Money

You’ll save time and effort for both your Personnel and Payroll departments, while improving the accuracy and timeliness of your payroll processes. Increase your substitute loyalty by offering improved services and pay!

Integrate With Payroll

With a wide range of features, tools and reports not found in most payroll applications, you will appreciate the compatibility SubPay has with most payroll software systems and the ability to export the data directly when needed.