What is SubFinder?

SubFinder is a fully automated employee absence management and substitute placement system, providing both Internet and telephone access. More than just an automated substitute calling system, SubFinder is a powerful tool used to streamline workflow, integrate with human resource and payroll systems, and promote a paperless work environment.

SubFinder is fully configurable to work the way you want it to – you control its settings, options, and functions to meet your needs. The software offers extensive features and benefits, including:

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    Real time data & reports

    Access to data throughout the system is real-time; that includes access to absence and job lists and details, employee and substitute profiles, all data records, and most importantly reports. Reports containing data that is hours or possibly a day old are not useful, that’s why we invested extensive resources into providing users with real-time access to data without compromising system performance.
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    Special consideration for the PPACA

    Various tools will keep your organization on top of tracking and managing substitute time worked for compliance with the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA). This includes an Excel report showing substitute total hours worked by week for a user selected date range and the ability to define maximum hours to work per week within substitute profiles.
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    Placement of highly qualified substitutes

    Unique skills matching, matches substitutes to positions based on an A thru J skill rating system to ensure placement of highly qualified candidates, further supporting your goal of streamlining business processes and operations.
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    Outbound calling times that work for your district, not our company

    Distinct, district-defined calling periods allow you to establish 24/7 outbound calling times that are convenient for everyone involved. You have full control of the calling times which are scheduled based on your time zone.
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    Unlimited number of district defined calendar tracks

    We provide the ability to create an unlimited number of calendar tracks for your employees, noting work days and non-work days according to your district work calendars. This feature will allow you to effectively manage all of the work calendars that your employees follow, ensuring accurate reporting of absences and jobs.
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    Track itinerant employee schedules to avoid confusion and costly errors

    Detailed itinerant schedules can be assigned to your employees and viewed by the substitute when shopping for jobs. Schedules are broken down by job position, site, and time and are expertly matched to the most qualified substitute.
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    Fill vacancies for free

    Vacancy/floating positions can be created in SubFinder and fulfilled at no additional cost.
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    Let SubFinder assign your budget codes

    Budget codes can be managed and linked to employees, sites, job positions, absence reasons and other sources, and automatically assigned to jobs based on user-defined criteria to ensure proper funding allocation and tracking of substitute labor expenses.
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    Manage substitute wages for split funded employees / positions

    Substitute labor can be automatically charged to as many as ten (10) different accounts on a per job basis; only SubFinder can handle complex split funding requirements.

By using continuous product development, as well as taking advantage of rapid advances in technology, CRS is constantly adding new features and functionality to SubFinder based on the needs of our customers and the markets we serve. Providing a solid return on your investment, SubFinder will help make the most of every dollar, every day while offering peace of mind that the most qualified substitute will be placed in every job, every time.