Integrating Is Easy

Especially when you are in control of your data.

The automatic exchange of data eliminates the need for manual data entry as new employees and substitutes join the district, new schools open, budget codes are allocated, or contracted leave entitlements change.

Too small to import? We don’t think so. With SubFinder elite, your district can import 1 file or 100,000. No import is too big or too small. And best of all, you don’t need us to make that decision. Importing is in your hands- you import what you want, when you want. Data that you can update in SubFinder elite includes:

  • Employee and Substitute Records
  • Site Administrator Profiles
  • Account Codes
  • Substitute Work Locations
  • Substitute Job Positions
  • Locations
  • Job Positions
  • Reasons
  • Calendars
  • And Much More
  • Exporting data from SubFinder elite is easy AND fast. Send valuable information to your HR and payroll applications, all with the click of a button. Pay rates, time worked, itinerant schedules, and budget codes can be exported manually or set to run automatically with little human intervention required. Data that you can export from SubFinder elite includes:

    • Employee Absences
    • Substitute Time Worked
    • Budget Codes
  • Employee and Substitute Records
  • Leave Entitlements
  • And Much More
  • Looking for specific data to export?

    There are times when you need to access specific information. And with our Custom Export Writer, you can. Your organization can pick and choose the data that you want to export. Whether it’s a huge file of employee information or simply a list of email addresses, the choice is yours. Additionally, our Custom Export Writer can be opened in a variety of formats (including Excel, .csv, and XML to name a few) so you can edit, format, and save the information to fit your needs.

    SubFinder elite’s integration capabilities go beyond the basic HR and finance integration. Working with our customers and listening to feedback, we developed enhanced integrations with powerful applications.



    At Netchemia, we believe that by providing schools and districts with intuitive software to recruit, hire, develop, and retain the best teachers and school leaders, we can help dramatically affect student achievement. Make finding, evaluating, and developing the best educators easier, from start to finish. The TalentEd K-12 Strategic Talent Management Suite offers responsive K-12 specific tools to customize and automate your talent management process – including recruiting, hiring, teacher and staff evaluations, and personnel process management and record-keeping, all on demand.

    TimeClock Plus

    TimeClock Plus

    SubFinder elite and TimeClock Plus have joined forces to address common K-12 challenges relating to leave, substitute pay, and Affordable Care Act (ACA) compliance. TimeClock Plus records employee hours for payroll while providing real-time labor reporting functions to more than 1,500 school districts across the nation. As a recipient of numerous awards that include Deloitte Technology Fast 500 and Texas Small Business of the Year, TimeClock Plus is considered a leading provider of time and attendance solutions. SubFinder elite offers a seamless, web services partnership with TimeClock Plus that will integrate substitute time assigned, substitute time worked, and employee leave – including the ability to account for various funding sources and pay rules for payroll.  Working with your SubFinder system, TimeClock Plus  will:

    • Check, verify, and record substitute time
    • Replace tedious time tracking procedures
    • Eliminate “buddy punching” and time theft
    • Ensure that your substitutes get paid correctly for every job, every time

    mylearning plan


    SubFinder elite’s integration with MyLearningPlan is incredibly simple. When users register for a course, the form will ask if a substitute is required. If a substitute is required, the user will automatically be logged into the SubFinder elite system with a portion of absence information pre-populated. Once the absence is saved, SubFinder elite will work to find a proper replacement. This real-time interface has been designed to facilitate the process seamlessly, without the need to log in to elite separately. Users can also edit or cancel unfilled and future absences if a course changes or is canceled.



    SubFinder elite offers a unique and convenient integration process with Skyward, an industry-leading student, finance, and human resource software. As long as credentials are properly stored in Skyward, there is no need to log in to SubFinder elite manually. Users reporting absences in Skyward’s Time Off Request module can automatically add their absence to SubFinder elite, in the event that a substitute is needed. This integration also allows users to switch back and forth between the Skyward and SubFinder elite system if an absence needs to be canceled. And, as with MyLearningPlan, users are able to add, edit, and cancel absences through this interface.

    You Make The Decisions

    You choose if imports and exports are done manually or scheduled to occur automatically.

    You define the times and how frequently your data is updated or records are exported.

    You determine the number of records that you need to add or update at one time.

    You can choose to use a ready made export template or create one that fits your needs.

    Are You Ready to Save Time and Money?

    A Quick Preview

    Here are just some of the applications we currently integrate with.


    SubFinder elite has successfully integrated with hundreds of organizations and we’ve got the numbers to prove it. We can integrate with virtually any HR or payroll application on the market. New or old, complex or simple– elite will find a way to make your integration successful. 

    Listed below is a small sample of our integration partners. Don’t see what you are looking for? Just ask!

    • Alio
    • Applitrack
    • ADP
    • Attendance Enterprise
    • Bi-Tech
    • BudgetSense
    • CIMS
    • Cross Pointe
    • CSIU
    • CSI Technology Outfitters
    • Delta
    • EDP
    • Edu-Met
    • eFinancePLUS
    • eMPACT
    • Escape Technology
    • HR Fusion
    • iTCCS
    • Infinite Visions
    • InfoMatic
    • Keystone
    • Kronos
    • Lawson
    • Munis
    • MyLearningPLan
    • Netchemia
    • ParentLink
    • Pentamation
    • PeopleSoft
    • QSS
    • RSCCC
    • Sage
    • SISFin
    • Skyward
    • Sungard
    • TimeClock Plus
    • TimeKeeper Central
    • TimeLink
    • TxEIS
    • Uniform Staff Payroll System (USPS)
    • WESPac
    • WINCAP
    • WorkForce
    • WSIPC